1732: Earth Temperature Timeline

My friend Randall Munroe is a wonder. He is more than just ridiculously smart; he knows how to access all that wonderful knowledge stored in his brain, combine various pieces of it, and then present it in innovative ways that somehow make complex issues easy to understand, and even fun. In a recent issue of his web comic Xkcd he tackles global warming, and literally turns it sideways. Credit: Randall Monroe. Instead of plotting temperature vertically and time on the horizontal axis as is usually done, he makes time vertical , starting 22, years ago. The beauty of this is that it gives him room to comment, to draw. I strongly urge you to read the whole thing. Note: Make sure you read the alt text by hovering your mouse over the comic. This then accelerates the temperature increase and the ice melting. But the deniers ignore the well-known reasons that temperatures started going up a little bit first, and how that triggers more CO2 release.

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Climate change is a scientific issue, and a policy issue, but in my mind it is foremost a The creator, , is a science humor website run by a former NASA ago” (Jesus, for example) and keep that date in mind as you scroll through.

Thankfully, the ever amusing xkcd comic has just released a new visualization showing just how misleading this statement can be. The darling of scientists and nerds everywhere, Munroe has knack for humorously and insightfully illustrating complex scientific topics. From fun themes like time travel to foundational scientific concepts like DNA , Munroe has dabbled across disciplines. As you continue to scroll down and down and down, it becomes obvious that past climatic changes progress slowly and incrementally.

The sudden final veer to the right at the bottom of the graphic, which represents human-caused climate change, is a stunning contrast to the otherwise minute changes. With two climate items of note headlining the news this week, the new comic could not have been timed any better. August actually wound up tied with July as the warmest month ever recorded, despite the fact that the seasonal temperature cycle typically peaks in July.

On the same day, Brazil announced that it had ratified the Paris climate agreement, lending a dash of optimism to the foreboding data released by NASA.

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Here is is: prepare to scroll. Any other comments and corrections are very welcome! It would be great if a similar cartoon was made to show sea level rise through time and compare present day sea levels to those of the LGM. That is why he drew the to period that way. Anyway, todays XKCD cartoon is also very interesting.

For Monday’s comic, xkcd tackled climate change. Looking back as far as the last glaciation—when Boston was buried under a mile of ice and.

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Katharine Hayhoe

The first portion of the cartoon, presented for the sake of illustration. Buy a copy and follow along. In this award-elligible book, which has the potential to be read by millions and which has the power to change more lives than even the Atkins Diet, I detail in the ultimate chapter the common errors made in time series analysis. Time series are the kind of data you see in, for example, temperature or stock price plots through time.

The picture he shows is the result of the way temperature and proxy data are handled by most of the climatological community.

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I spent some time trying to recreate the Kantar Information is Beautiful Gold Data Visualization winning entry on global warming in Tableau. It was an interesting exercise and I wanted to share how I did it and some key insights from this process. Here is a screenshot of the original visualization by Randall Munroe, titled “A timeline of Earth’s Average Temperature”.

Here is a screenshot of my Tableau replication. To get the full effect, you have to download and install the xkcd font first. After a quick internet search, I found the official xkcd font : it is awesome. With the font installed I was ready to build something and the Global warming viz immediately came to mind.

From a style perspective, my key takeaways were: 1 Annotations are really important and I need to use them more This is a really long visualization which I imagine was done intentionally to emphasize the length of the timescale.

Cartoonist’s timeline shows why we should worry about world temperature changes

In sixty million years aliens will know humans only by a fuzzy clip of a woman in an Axe commercial. Feynman recounted another good one upperclassmen would use on freshmen physics students: When you look at words in a mirror, how come they’re reversed left to right but not top to bottom? What’s special about the horizontal axis?

I hate when people take photos of their meal instead of eating it, because there’s nothing I love more than the sound of other people chewing.

humans domesticate dogs. (date uncertain, may be much earlier) (too regional to affect the global average much) Replication of xkcd: Earth’s Temperature.

Katharine Anne Scott Hayhoe born April 15, [1] is an atmospheric scientist and professor of political science at Texas Tech University , where she is director of the Climate Science Center. Hayhoe is from Toronto , Ontario , Canada. When Hayhoe was nine, her family moved to Cali , Colombia where her parents served as missionaries and educators. Hayhoe received her Bachelor of Science degree in physics and astronomy from the University of Toronto in Hayhoe, who is an evangelical Christian, is the daughter of missionaries.

She met her husband, Andrew Farley , while doing graduate studies at the University of Illinois. Farley is a linguist and the pastor of an evangelical church in Lubbock, Texas.

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It is not clear to me whether the Senator appearing in the comic is intended to be someone in particular or just a generic Christian conservative Republican. To show the timeliness of the comic, still today in , let me remind readers of the recent U. Senate , and who was reelected earlier this month for his fourth full term.

URL Page_Title Date Transcript Img_Title Img_URL Keywords from evidence it looks pretty likely to me that we’re causing global warming on a horrific scale.

The nerds have the numbers on precious metals investments on the ASX. Think it has been debunked? See here. Then stop the proxies, tack on thermometer data that was recorded in a different way with different errors and a very different response to faster temperature changes. I took the 14, pixel cartoon and squeezed it to one shot that shows the curve that matters. See the error bars? Me neither.

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This comic is a direct, but much more thorough, follow up on the previous global warming comic: 4. By having readers scroll through millennia of slow-paced natural changes, Randall uses the comic to confront the rapid temperature rise in recent years. This is called global warming and is part of a climate change , a subject that has become a recurrent subject on xkcd.

There are still many people who claim that this is not happening, or at least that it is not caused by any human actions, called climate change deniers. One argument of theirs is that global warming is happening for natural causes, summarized with the phrase “temperature has changed before”. This comic shows that while temperature changes have indeed occurred before, the speed of the current temperature rise is much, much faster than those measured for many previous thousands of years.

Randall Munroe, who creates the web comic xkcd – and is also a for global warming with extremes including unprecedented heat in India and.

During these trying times, this comic from xkcd creator Randall Munroe might give you a good chuckle. Good luck finding all the coins and nerd references! If anyone tells you cold weather means global warming isn’t happening, turn around and walk away. Warning: this comic occasionally contains strong language which may be unsuitable for children , unusual humor which may be unsuitable for adults , and advanced mathematics which may be unsuitable for liberal-arts majors. This means you’re free to copy and share these comics but not to […].

Hackers recently leaked million Adobe user emails, encrypted passwords, and password hints. So obviously, they should be turned into the largest crossword puzzle of all-time. Thanks for creating an account!

How to make climate graphs look scary — a reply to XKCD

Climate change is a complex global issue, requiring simple communication about its effects at the local scale. This set of visualisations highlight how we have witnessed temperatures change across the globe over the past century or more. The colour of each stripe represents the temperature of a single year, ordered from the earliest available data at each location to now. All other superfluous information is removed so that the changes in temperature are seen simply and undeniably.

From the creator of the wildly popular webcomic xkcd, hilarious and informative answers to important questions you probably never thought to ask. Millions of.

Why the climate is changing, what it means for us, and what we can do about it. The world is getting warmer. What role do greenhouse gas emissions play, and why is this cause for concern? In Greenland, climate change has created a vicious cycle of warming—and it may never stop. Climate change is not just an environmental problem.

It is also an economic one. Turning toward cleaner energy sources means factoring in economic and energy needs alongside environmental ones. Who is at the top depends on how you interpret the data.

Climate Change

Why do you know all these statistics offhand? Because, pshh, who would want to do that, right? Also, snowfall records. Q: How many mathematicians does it take to change a light bulb? Q: How can you tell the difference between an ordinary person and a mathematician?

Activist Greta Thunberg is attending a United Nations global warming To date this has been the only theory they have produced that has.

Download MP3 See transcript. Comment: Why I broke the law for climate change. How nations are progressing towards limiting greenhouse-gas emissions, and climate cash flow. This episode of the Nature Podcast is part of Covering Climate Now , a global collaboration of more than media outlets to highlight the issue of climate change. An essential round-up of science news, opinion and analysis, delivered to your inbox every weekday.

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